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Concept of Elecvolt
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Anarok, Lighting
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Knight of Lightning
Class Elemental Knight of Lighting
Nature True Neutral

Elecvolt is the Elemental Knight of Lightning and one of the nine Elemental Knights. He commands the Lightning Elementals and is often drawn into conflict with the Great Spirits.

Biography Edit

Elecvolt was created as the first of the Lightning Elementals like all his other brothers in the Elemental Gardens by his father Anarok. Like his other brother, he was made to stand over his elemental power and was drawn into conflict with gods and beings that wished to misuse its power.

Conflict with the Great Spirits Edit

When the Great Spirits appeared in Infinita, Elecvolt and his Lightning Elementals were often drawn into conflict against them over there constant misuse of his element. However, the raw power the Great Spirits came into power with was to much to Elecvolt to comprehend, it came to a climax with his almost destruction were the 2 parties decided on a truth.