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Elaine Darksea
Elaine in her Black Tree Assassin Attire
Vital statistics
Race Human, Omenien, Werekind, True Blood
Media Present Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms, Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms, Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars, Revolution of Power (Formerly)
Birthplace Omenastar, Cavern Isles, Terfall, Mortal Realm
Date of Birth - Death 1st Mid-Summer 148PD
Relations {{{Relations}}}
Aliases Mistress Katana, the Shadow Leaf, True Blood Assassin
Class Black Tree Assassin
Nature Neutral Good
Elaine Darksea is a Omenien  Black Tree Assassin who became the highest ranking member of the guild during 169PD and 204P. Well known for her aid to her twin sister; Maia Darksea at the Battle of Blacktides and her postion as a hero within both the War for Katanova and the following Chaos War. She is also secretly one of the Moonartri however it was not known until God of Chaos and in Child of Moonlight.




Equipment & AbilitesEdit



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