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Ebacm Domyar
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Ebacm Domyar is the greatest and most heard of Librarian across Terfall as he watches over the greatest library of all; the Tower of Wisdom.

Considered the most intelligent being in all the land. Ebacm does not strive to better his magical potential or cause wars between others. He has spent his countless years inspiring and teaching others through Knowledge and Understanding through book, documents and ledgers. He deeds of good will and utter dedication to knowledge and made him a legend and even to this day. He contiunes to pursue his goal of teaching wisdom to others. Alongwith his Assistants Degia Windwallow and Helena Silvercrest.

Appearance in TL KoTEdit

Ebacm Domyar

Ebacm Domyar as he appears in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall

Ebacm Domyar first appeared into Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall in verison 1.6, where he appeared as an extra character in the Katanovian Race using the abilites of a Rune Crafter and a Arcanist.


  • Ebacm Domyar's name comes from the reffercal of the name "Raymond McCabe" also removing one of the c's.
  • Ebacm gets his love for books and knowledge from his inspired indiviual "Raymond McCabe" as he is a Librarian and a lover of Knowledge. He was also a dear friend of KoT Creator Kyle Andrew Thornley and wanted to honor the dear friendship the 2 had after they lost contact with one another.


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