Earl of Highland Pass

Ericka Herr, the second Earl of Highpass

The Earl of Highpass is a title within the Kingdom of Stars, it represents the ruling governor or governess of Highpass for the Kingdom of Stars.


Earl of Highpass means the ruling governer of the Highpass after the Highland Republic handed the region over to the Kingdom of Stars following the Chaos War . The Earl is responsible for the upkeep of law and peace within Highpass and would only be answerable to the King or Queen of Stars.


The Earl of Highpass Title began around 197PD, 2 years following the aftermath of the Chaos War the Highland Republic was crippled beyond a point that it could control it's own people under the wieght of the damage. The remaining Highland Baroness Katarine Herr was given an offer by Lara Katanova to become a part of the Kingdom of Stars and recieved then needed funding and repair to re-establish Highpass whilst still remaining mostly independent. The offer was a request formulated by Katarine 's cousin Andrakeas Katanova who was Lara 's eldest nephew. Katarine was reluctant at first to the idea of losing the Highpass's own government but from reassures from Andrakeas she eventually agreed. With the signing of the Highpass over to the Kingdom of Star law the Highland Republic dimished, Katarine was then given the tile Earl of Highpass which was later passed down to her eldest child Ericka Herr.

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