Dwarf Warrior
Dwarf Warrior
Concept of a Dwarven Warrior, presumably of Bortho
Vital statistics
Culture Dwarven Kingdoms, Dwarves of the Spine
Class Infantry
Role Hold the line
Equipment Shield, Hammer, Axe, Shortsword
Armour Dwarven Iron
Dwarven Warriors are military units employed by the Dwarven Kingdoms and the Dwarves of the Spine. They are the first draft of dwarven infantry which a variation of weapons but the majority use Shields, Axes & Hammers.


The Dwarven factions have allways required warriors in the face of battle, to which they are no stranger to. Each different faction had there own variation of the unit, with different armor variations and different battle tactics.

Depending on which faction the warrior is part on, they can continue down the military career into becoming ranged variations, cavalry or specialists.



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