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Concept of Dwarves
Vital statistics
Affiliation Dwarven Kingdoms. Realm of Thal'dim
Age Unknown - Present
Aliases Mountainfolk, Ambalari
Religion Volthefism
Mount Ravine Grizzly Bear, Gryphon
Leader Dwarven Kings, Free Lord of Thal'dim
Intelligence High
Height 80 - 120cm
Environment Subterranean, Alpine
Lifespan 500 years
Dwarves also known as the Mountainfolk or the Ambalari are a species of subterranean humanoids native to the Terfall's mountainous region of Ravin. Distinctive in both their small in stature and there extensive facial hair-growth, Dwarves have been a staple of Terfall for millenniums for there craftsmanship and ingenuity.


Dwarves are believed to have been born during one of the earliest Creation Burst of Terfall, roughly around 55,000 Elven Rule, they were believed to have been born within the deep caverns of

Physiology Edit

Dwarves are almost identical to most humanoid type species, two arms, two legs, a head and torso were their organs are located. There are a phew differences which make a dwarf unique to others.

Dwarves are small in height compared to the majority of humanoids, they measure at between 80 and 120cm width an average weight of 60kg, this small stature is likely due to their subterranean environment, that a smaller height means they could pass through small gaps in the stone.

Dwarven bone structure is also highly dense and their joints aren't that rigorous, meaning that the dwarves are highly durable and their bones are difficult to break under stress however aren't very agile or flexible.

Another key characteristic of Dwarves is their facial hair, for males dwarves they naturally have long beards which can reach down to their chests within days. For females it can be shown within their normal head hair that is rather long and easily outgrown to most humanoids.

Psychology Edit

Sociology Edit

References Edit

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