Drakari Death Knight
Drakari Death Knight
Vital statistics
Culture Black Covenant, Elven Empire (formerly)
Class Heavy Cavalry
Role Shock and awe, lead soldiers, charge
Equipment Drakari Greatcutlass, Drakari Dread Lance
Armour Black Steel
 Drakari Death Knights are the toughest and most fear units in the Black Covenant.


Armed with the finest arsenal from the Drakari's armouries, these dark steeled figure stride into the battle with an menacing appearance, just the sight of them would drive the weak and feeble to flee in terror, for death knights are not only elite cavalry units, but powerful magic users aswell. Every death knight has gone through training to become a necromancer along with their military careers and have excelled at both. Due to their overuse of the necromantic energy they are believed to be undead underneath their armour, for they never take it off even to rest, for they do not need rest. They can heal themselves through that magic and summon the fallen to help defend themselves if need be.

However, due to there status as undead, they are extremely vulnerable to fire and light magic, and should be only used against such if they can hold themselves against such powers, for that is when their sword mastery and horse training come into play.


Titan Land Kingdoms of TerfallEdit

Death Knights appear in Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall as the top tier units available in the Drakari faction and appear like the generic warcraft 3 death knight however slightly smaller and using a dark green tint, they posses necromantic abilites.