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Drakari (Dark Elves)
Concept of a Drakari female
Vital statistics
Affiliation Covenant of Shen'dow, Regime of Vel'gorn (Formerly), Kingdom of Undoing (Formerly), Gelldir Imperium (Formerly)
Age Unknown (discovered roughly 15,000ER) - Present
Aliases Dark Elves, Children of Theda
Religion Drakari Pantheon
Mount Dreadorse
Leader Grim Council,
Intelligence 8
Height 4-6 feet
Environment Any
Lifespan 10,000 Terfalleon Years
The Drakari, or known in the Avarish tongue as the Dark Elves are a race of elves born from the time after the great sundering on Terfall, where the original elven species fractured following their intervention against the Dragons. It is the believed that the fractured elves that would eventual become the Drakari came to be on the uncharted land mass currently known as Unknownen, in which their bodies and souls changed according to the environment.

The Drakari then did not appear in known history of Terfall until after the establish of the Elven states (around 15-000 ER), in which the drakari came to sisitra in force and colonised many parts of the western edges of the continents which include Idara, Shen Isles, Kaven Isles & Scorn, however after years of infighting with the indigenous elven cousins that call those regions home,the drakari were beaten back to both the Shen Isles and Idaran in which to this day they maintain their homes. Where they became part of the Gelldir Imperium & pioneered the Avarish Slave Market, the Embrace of state religions & the endorsement of political corruption.

However following the post darkening period after the gelldir imperium's demise, the drakari became highly xenophobic were they would only venture out to conduct raiding parties to replenish their slaving stocks, of which has left them as one of the most hated races on Terfall, rivalled only their distant cousins, the Gelldir.



Drakari usally appear as dark tanned, black and green garment wearing elves. Usally the same size as most sterotypical elves. Deep green eyes to make. there skin comes in ranges from dark grey to lime green. there garments also come with symbols of faces and mouths alongwith horns.



It is well known that Drakari are the most rude and abnoxius race of elves known, they take great pleasure in slandering and downgrading any other species or race they meet, whether it be elves, orcs, humans or goblins. 


The Drakari religon is Death Worship. There lust for imortal power caused them to wish for imortally through undead through Death himself. The Dark Shenari even went as far to allying the great enemies of good the cult of Skulls to grant them imortally.