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Concept of a Drakari
Vital statistics
Affiliation Black Covenant, Elven Empire (Formerly)
Age 9,000ER - Present Day
Aliases Dark Elves, Death Elves
Religion Eternal Prayer, Death Worship
Mount Horse, Direhawk
Leader Black Coven
Intelligence 8
Height 4-6 feet
Environment Any
Lifespan Cannot die from old age
The Drakari also known as Dark Elves are a Race of Elves that inhabit the northern reaches of the Shen Isles, neighbouring their island cousins the Shenari in the southern isles. They share only a bitter rivallry and conflict between one another over control of the province. The Drakari as death fanatics who serve Theda and his worship solely and hate anyone else who tries to stop them both mentally and physically, this devotion often aligns them with evil and darkness however they are not truly evil when it comes to other dark forces such as the Chaos Horde and the Church of Madness.


The Drakari came into being through the Ritual of Darkness. Many shenari mages, scholars and workers not far from the northern city of Shen'dow were pracitpaticing in this ritual, to which the shenari would try to gain an understanding of the universe by comunicating to The Blackness, the ritual formed a portal that would allow sound to pass through. However despite the vast powers the shenari possess, they were not able to control that of the dark energies surround the blackness and the portal caused a massive explosion of magic within the entire region outside the ritual chamber, almost reaching the city itself. 50 mil



Drakari usally appear as dark tanned, black and green garment wearing elves. Usally the same size as most sterotypical elves. Deep green eyes to make. there skin comes in ranges from dark grey to lime green. there garments also come with symbols of faces and mouths alongwith horns.



It is well known that Drakari are the most rude and abnoxius race of elves known, they take great pleasure in slandering and downgrading any other species or race they meet, whether it be elves, orcs, humans or goblins. 


The Drakari religon is Death Worship. There lust for imortal power caused them to wish for imortally through undead through Death himself. The Dark Shenari even went as far to allying the great enemies of good the cult of Skulls to grant them imortally.