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Drak Etym
Dark War
Beginning: roughly 50PD
End: roughly 150-200PD
Outcome: -Covenent of Shen'dow defeated and withdrew from the region
-Idar Regime claiming Idara
Major Battles: Unknown
-Covenant of Shen'dow -Idar Regime

The Drak Etym or in the Avarish tongue as the Dark War  was a conflict between the Covenant of Shen'dow against the rebel faction known as the Idar Regime which came to power shortly after the Darkening, were members of the once powerful Gelldir Imperium fell into discord 

The dark war ultimately ended with the Idar Concordant, which allowed autonomy for the Regime to rule the Continent and the covenant would no longer interfere, with this victory, the continent was renamed Idara and would later go on to have more troubles to come.


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