Desert Lor Symbol

Desert Lor Insignia

The Desert Lor was the greatest and most prominant Elven Nation taht existed before the Elven Empire.


The Desert Lor was the Kingdom of the Viri; the Sand Elves, Desert Lor streched from 2 worlds away; within the Shakara and Jewel Desert that the Viri interlocked using underground passages and racial alliance roads with the Dwarves under the Ravine Mountains. Desert Lor was both a strategic example of Elven might and a testiment to the gods themselves. Desert Lor had the greatest architecture in all of terfall. Ranging from the Gates of Band, the Temple of the Desert Eye and the Maradice; the Great Palace of Topaz. Desert Lor was ruled by the Seers, the great Viri prophets and powerful strategists, the Main being Dexxi Seer; the Viri King.

However, Desert Lor was not to last forever. Once the Goblins of the Badlands began raiding and pillaging within the Jewel Desert, the Viri stood their ground, but could not stop the tide of the Imps. After the Goblins took Eer; the Viri's Seat of Power within the Jewel Desert. Dexxi and his people Joined with the Elven Empire. The Desert Lor never returned after that day.

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