Death Priest

Concept of a Death Priest

Death Priests also known by their Elvish name of Drakar Amarth are mages who are also the religious practitioners of the Drakari's Thedism. Combining the ritual belief with necromancy they are part of the larger body known as the Death Priesthood and act as a the main governing force of the Covenant of Shen'dow.

History Edit

The death priests have been a part of Drakari culture since they came and conquered the northern territories of the Shen Isles, which assumed the priests came with the main force of the dark elves during their great voyage to where their true homeland was originally.

When they arrived, it was clear the death priests where the main force of leadership to the dark elves, as it was their ways that commanded even their great warriors and generals.

Abilities Edit

A death priest can maintain almost, if not all the magical abilities that a necromancer could accomplish, they can resurrect the dead into forming Arisen, curse spirits into Wraiths and the manipulation of Death Magic to inflict injury to living mortals or heal undead.

However the one key thing which defines the death priest from your standard human or orc necromancer is that they have mastered the magic needed to reach Lichdom, so much so that they can achieve nearly 100% success rate when the ritual is performed. This has made the priesthood they maintain highly powerful with the Drakari's government and the practice of the priests highly sought after so other death focused factions can benefit from the ritual's great power and immortality.

Prominent Death Priests Edit

References Edit

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