Necromatic Guardian

Unamed Necromatic Guardian of an Unamed Necromancer

Death Guardians are an advanced form of undead who's purpose is to protect and serve their necromancer Master until they recieve peace in death once more, they require a great focus of death energy during the ritual to reanimate them and so only the greatest of Necromancers can successfully create such a weapon.


Death Guardians are unique form of undead  because they do not actually need a skeleton to be reanimated, only a soul and a husk to hold the soul is needed, the ritual does not even require living remains and can be created from organic or mineral matter. Once the ritual is complete the Death Guardian has full control over his mind and body but is forced to do the bidding of their summoned master. They are independent thinkers and so arent mindless like most other undead. Death Guardians retain the abilites of their former lives or can inherit abilties from their master but will act selflessly in defending their creator. If the conduit of theDeath Guardian is destroyed then the Necromancer who summoned it can easily perform another ritual to summon them back into their command. However if the Necromancer dies then the Death Guardian will be killed aswell.

Noted Death GuardiansEdit


  • The first Death Guardian was Morgrim Katanova but during the early stages Morgrim was far superior to that of his master Mardrake Transfer.
  • Orignally in the early stages of Katarine Transfer's lore she had a Death Guardian of a Dire Scorpion called Harris. The concept never really caught on