Concept of the Darkening

The Darkening was an event in Terfall's history which marked the end of the Elven Rule Era & the beginning of the Post Darkening Era. Approximately 1000 years before the reign of the Katanova Family of the Kingdom of Stars.

Description of Event Edit

It was 200 years after the Gelldir Empire had destroyed their protererate of the Viri and with their ties with the other Elven factions in ruins, many of the Gelldir's old rivalry towards each others clans rose up into a civil war within Gell. Within this power struggle, many Avari slaves managed to free themselves and flee towards the lands outside of the grey elves control. However their power struggles were not to last with one victor, as a red star began to shine brightly across the sunlite sky, many of Terfalls beings took it as a warning of what was to come, the Gelldir in their pride and arrogance choose to ignore the star and continue their crusade against one another. Some Gelldir however did head the stars sign and fled Gell towards their sacred site of Halriss. The red star grew brighter and larger until it finally broke Terfall's surface. The star was a meteor and was heading for the great mountain which sat in the heart of Gell. The damage caused by the impact vapourized the entire region into ashes, whilst the mountain was shattered by the implosion of the meteor, what remained of it burst into streaming flows of a volcanic lava river, covering in area in molten rock, not even the Gelldir in their might could withstand the chaos and destruction, thousands dieing whilst only thoes outside of the region survived.

With the destruction of their homeland and the thousands of their kin that perished in the inferno, the remaining gelldir fought it best to let go of their pride and sought to finally break their Empire, releasing what Avari they had left and choosing mourning within their final city.

Cause Edit

It is assumed from the evidence found over a thousand years after the catastrophic event that the Darkening was caused by the artifact known as Tirith's Bane, which was one of the Chaos Shards that broke off from the Crystalline Prison which held the fallen god Xecien. The fact that the crystal itself was found deep within the core of the mountain to which the red star impacted proves this.