Dari Mysticborn
Dari Mysticborn
Concept of Dari Mysticborn
Vital statistics
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Affiliation First Dominion of Atlantis (Formerly), Elven Empire (Formerly), Second Dominion of Atlantis
Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Mistress of Altantis
Class Hydromancer
Nature Neutral Evil (Formerly Lawful Neutral)
Dari Mysticborn is the last Hyedari Mistress of Altantis for the First Dominion of Atlantis before becoming a Gillartri where she formed the Second Dominion of Atlantis with the goal of taking the sea for her people, and eventually the land.


Dari Mysticborn's birth records where lost from the world alongwith most

of the histroy of Atlantis durings its decent into the depths during the Darkening. It is believed that Dari's rise to power over Atlantis was due to her family connections within the city. Printed by Shenari Scholars on the concepts of atlantis, it can be found that Dari goverened Atlantis for 120 years, however only being a minor member of the Elven Court, she was tutored by 2 Atlanteans at the Time, Ashtricks the Archmage, and Borlath, the Chief Guard.

When the Darkening came apon Terfall