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Cult of Skulls
Cult of Skulls
Concept of the Cult of Skulls's Symbol
Background Information
Type Cult
Location Naz'grim, (Formerly), Highpass (Formerly)
Capital Skullhold (Formerly), Karthmere (Formerly)
Founded/Built 1164PD
Ruler's Death Prophet, Archnecromancer of Skulls
Other Information
Summary faction of Necromancers
Other Names Necromancer Cult
Inhabitants Human, Drakari, Sarrian, Goblin, Dwarf, Orc
Language Common (Language)
Lifespan Ended 1188PD
The Cult of Skulls was an faction on Terfall of originally human rogue mages who would take on the study of practice of Necromancy, they were formed under the guidance of Mardrake Transfer and with his teachings formed the first true army of undead, the Skeleton Legion.

Overs the course of its presence within the world, the cult revolution the important of magical awareness and the oppression of mages, as well as showing the unbound potential of such powers as the Covenant of Shen'dow and the Shadow Curse Clan who supported the Cult.


The Cult of Skulls began in the summer of 1165PD within the deserted region of Naz'grim, which hides in the northern desert of Jaqua. It was known as an area for which rogue mages and villians of the Kingdom of Stars conjugated. They resided within shabby hovels and worn out tents across the hillsides. They were rationed only to what they could harvest from the area and from raiding cargo holds and hunting parties. It was here, madrake came to seek his revenge against Andrew, with

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