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Cryomancers or Cryomantresses are a Class of Mages who wield Ice, freezing their enemies in tundras of snow or summoning powerful Ice Elementals to aid them. Most Cryomancers studied under the School of Ice either in the School of the Gifted, the College of Shen'triss or the Academy of Magic.





Noteable CryomancersEdit

  • Luna - The Avari Slave who later became on of the 5 Teachers and patriot of Starlet; Luna was trained to become a Cryomancer by her Elfkin mistress Elesia Slivermane. This training of a Avari was ultimately traitoures in the Elven Empire society and Luna was deemed to be executed. Which later her mistress freed her and she fled to the Island of Freedom alongwith several other Avari.
  • Rioclya - The Infamous Gelldir who became the self proclaimed God of the frozen north trained as a Cryomancer in the College of Shen'triss. But later his research into Ice Crystals led him to the deep caverns in the centre of Uthway where he became corrupted by their power.


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