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Crimson Orcs
Crimson Orc
Generic Crimson Orc their demented green glare
Vital statistics
Affiliation Chaos Horde, Scorn Rabble
Age 191PD - Present
Aliases Red Orcs
Religion Shamanism, Chaos Worship
Mount Scale Wolves, Horse
Leader Unknown
Intelligence 4
Height 6 - 7 feet
Environment firelands
Lifespan {{{How long do they live}}}
Crimson Orcs are a species of Orc that came into power after the defeat of the Chaos Horde in 196PD. They where the corrupted Orcs in the chaos hordes control and later took over Scorn alongwith the Ruins of Helastar as their home. Crimson Orcs are far more savage and bloodlust then that of their cousins and shine a deep red to orange skin pigment picked up from their taint to chaos.





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