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Crescent Cult
Crescent Cult Symbol
Concept of the Crescent Cult Symbol
Background Information
Type Cult, Brotherhood
Location northern Cavern Isles
Capital Moonastar
Founded/Built Late 90PD
Ruler's Crescent Cult Archpriest
Other Information
Summary Cult of Moon Followers, Lycan faction
Other Names Moon Cult, Sons of Moonlight
Inhabitants assortment of Katanovians, Idaran
Language Common
Lifespan Late 90PD to around 191PD
The Crescent Cult is a dark and sinical brotherhood founded and run by Moon Followers. The Crescent Cult is responsible for the re-outbreak of Lycanthorpy out into the world and the creation of the twisted Lycan and Moon Follower Species, mocking the Werewolves. They have been around the depths of the Cavern isles for years, never truly been defeated and allways turning more innocent villagers into lycans for their ultimate goal to claim the world.


The Crescent Cult was first fonded