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Concept of Crescent, Goddess of Werekind
Vital statistics
Species/Race God, Aspiral Kings
Affiliation Herself, Werekind, Eternal Ones
Origin Infinia
Date of Birth - Death Unknown (Before Recorded History) - Present
Relations Despro (Father), Khalaq (Uncle), Asprial Kings (Siblings), Eternal Ones (Cousins), Moon Spirits (Offspring), Werekind (Adopted Offspring)
Aliases Goddess of Serenity, Goddess of Woe, Goddess of Werekind
Class God
Nature True Neutral
 Crescent a goddess affiliated with moonlight who's known for her direct involvement with the creation of the Werekind. She is the youngest and believed to be the most innocent of the Aspiral Kings were she was originally affiliated with serenity, however upon the death of her children at the hands of the mortals she fell to a great depression which ultimately lead her down the path of darkness, creating the Werekind curses and affiliated the mortals which had robed her of her beloved offspring.

However, Crescent is not without regret, for she feels for all the suffering caused to her she cause a great deal more to those not openly attached to the atrocity committed as a result of her direct involvement, and has tried to spent her time recovering that debt through her interactions with the Eternal Ones.



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