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Church of Madness
Church of Madness
Concept of the Church of Madness Symbol
Background Information
Type Cult
Location Uncharted, Twisting Fields
Capital lukaster
Founded/Built Around 50PD
Ruler's Champion of Luko
Other Information
Summary Cult of Luko's worshippers
Other Names Church of Maniacs
Inhabitants Maniacs
Language Elven
Lifespan N/A
 The Church of Madness is a religous cult of Maniacs which have organised themselves to a point into a force that could, if they ever do unify under one name. Could launch a full scale invasion over Terfall , bringing about the next great war. However the 2 sides to the church, the Jesters & and Mutants constantly fight one another to gain favour over the other in Luko's pressence.