Child of Moonlight

Concept art created by KingKatanova

The Child of Moonlight is a trilogy of 3 books that feature Kingdoms of Terfall Lore, going by the names...

  • Child of Moonlight: Awakening
  • Child of Moonlight: Affliction
  • Child of Moonlight: Retaliation

Brief DescriptionEdit

The story is set in 216PD, 15 years after the Chaos War and the world got back to the same old life, Lara had reach a ripe old age on the throne and her son was beginning to prepare to suceed her, however it is not to do with them. It is of Mira Angaline Yates or just Mira Yates for short; a teenager now young women of 18 from Kat Prime. After her mother and godfather passed away she took up a journey to the cavern isles to find and get to know her father. Upon ariving and seeing him since was a little girl she wanted to know more of him. She was able to get a job as a tailor within Lightwater and there she met many other influential characters. However her tale is wrapped in mystery and darkness. Every night she dreams of a wolf and the forest, and later on she out of disappearances in the area. and the sudden danger of the increasing lycan threat. Then the mysterious love interest with the young assassin boy; Tobias Corner, and the curiosity of the vampire; Mordrecai Icenail. What will her destiny lead her towards? and what is the wolf of her dreams?

Noteable characters that make appearances within the booksEdit

  • Lara Katanova- only mentioned by the line "even though a queen sits on the throne".
  • Elaine Darksea- becomes a mentor for Mira later on in the series in Affliction, as she teaches her the ways to become a omenien assassin
  • Alexander Yerek- he is only mentioned by legend, but his son Godfred Yerek is the main antagonist within the series.
  • Aldros Wisp- After his escape from prisonment after the Chaos War, Reaching an old age Aldros trys to return to his work with the lycans control and the spread of lycanthropy after his master; Arnasteen Centric

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