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A female human being killed by Hellfire Blast, one of the Notable spells of chaos energy

Chaos Energy is a type of magic found in the Titan Universe . Affinated with Xecien; the Eternal One of Chaos, Chaos Energy as it's name implies is a unpredictile and often violent form of magic and highly corruptable to those who use it. Mages that focus on Chaos Energy are called warlock.

Origin Edit

Chaos Energy first made an appearance as a active form of magic after the corruption of Xecien following his victory over the Destroyer.

Appearance Edit

Due to it's unpredictable nature, Chaos Energy appears in many different forms, even making no appearance at all when it comes to Corruption spells. However there is a way of distiquises Chaos Energy from that of other Energies. Most elemental based spells that Chaos Energy uses eg. Hellfire Blast or Corrupt Lightning appear in a deep red with black base, complety unnatural form of colouring for fire or lightning.



Hellfire ultise f


Corruption utlise willpower over damage, they favor the warlock by causing foes to flee in terror, drained of their skill and impable of casting spells back at the warlock and even causing the victum to be manipulated into fighting for the warlock against his/her allies. Spells in this catagory include

  • Devour Willpower
  • Fear
  • Dark Whisper
  • Corrupt Lightning

References Edit

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