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Chaos Horde
Chaos Horde Symbol
Concept of the Chaos Horde's Symbol
Background Information
Type Monarchy
Location Aftermath, Scorn,
Capital Pandaemonium
Founded/Built Corruption of Xecien
Ruler's Xecien
Other Information
Summary Army of chaotic demons
Other Names Chaos Kingdom, Xecien's Horde
Inhabitants Hellspawn, Mortals
Language Avarish
Lifespan Still present
The Chaos Horde, also known as the Chaos Kingdom & Xecien's Horde is a faction belonging to the Demonkin of chaos; the Hellspawn and closely controlled by their god Xecien. The horde was formed when Xecien rebelled from the Eternal Ones in pursuit of divine chaos across the entirety of the Titan Universe.

The horde originally only consisted of Hellspawn however when the horde began conjuring planets in Mortalia, many mortals were swayed into the horde, becoming Heretics. The horde will not rest until the both Mortalia and Infinia fall under Xecien's domain


Corruption of XecienEdit

Since time does not correlate exactly when it comes to Inifinia, the horde was formed when Xecien, the now chaos god and former Eternal One forged the realm of Aftermath to expand his power now that he no longer have dominion in the Titan's Palace. The horde came soon after when Xecien began creating the Hellspawn to expand his ambitions to conquer the universe in his new vision.

Terfallen Chaos War Edit

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