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Concept of a Centaur
Vital statistics
Affiliation Centaur Tribes
Age 18,000ER - 10500ER
Aliases -
Religion Shamanism
Mount None
Leader Centaur Chieftains
Intelligence 4
Height 8 - 9 feet
Environment plains
Lifespan 120 years
Centaurs where a race of Sentient Mortals from Terfall, closely resembling that of their Animal Mortal cousins, the Horses that where wiped out by the Gelldir the Centaur regretting the grey elves's offer for peace if they handed over their horses.


Centaur appear in Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms, Titan Land Fall of Kingdoms and Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall as one of the Creep Factions. There appearance resembles that of the mongolion design from Warcraft 3 and in lore ususally reffered to them still being alive when the humans began the dominant race. However as of the Gelldir's lore they are now one of the Extinct races.


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