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Concept of the Celestism Symbol
Background Information
Type Religious
Location Throughout Terfall,
Capital Yaana'kalina (Shen'eg)
Founded/Built 5000ER
Ruler's Grand High Priest
Other Information
Summary Religion of the Light Goddess
Other Names Light Worship, Terfallen Celestism
Inhabitants Elves (Shenari, Hyedari, Depenari, Fenari), Human (Idaran, Katanovian, Highlander, Axoni, Njordsir, Hahaskan), Dwarf, Orc
Language Elven, Common
Lifespan Still Present
Celestism also known as Light Worship is a religion practised by Sentient Mortals that focuses on the worship of the the Eternal One Celestris, this religion is also a part of the unified religion of Eternism.

It is the one of the dominant religions of Terfall, practised prominently by many Human, Elf, Dwarf and even Orc nations.

Hierarchy Edit

Structures Edit

Worshippers of Celestism often worship in buildings called the Abbeys of Light. Theses abbeys are present in almost every village, town and city that the religion is widely practised.

Abbeys of light deliver practical services to the community, caring for the sick and collecting alms for the poor, Celestism provides hospitality to travellers and a public network of communications, for example, should an illiterate commoner need to send word to another settlement, the abbey of light's educated patrons; the Light Priests write and send a letter for him/her.

Chapels of Light Edit

Chapels of light are located in larger self-contained buildings for the convenience of their inhabitants. These mostly include castles, forts, schools, theses chapels are usually only maintained by one Light Priest.


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