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Bruce Baer
Bruticus Transfer-0
Concept of Bruce Baer as the vampiric lieutenant of the blood kingdom
Vital statistics
Species/Race Highlander, Vampire
Affiliation Highland Baronage (Formerly), Blood Kingdom
Origin Norden, Highpass
Date of Birth - Death (Don't have it on me right now)
Relations Arbert Baer (Father), Mardrake Baer (Brother), Kristin Baer (Daughter)
Aliases Prince of Norden, General of the Baronage, Lieutenant of the Blood Kingdom
Class Highland Commando
Nature Neutral Evil (Formerly Lawful Good)
Bruce Baer was a Highlander Swordmaster and prince of Norden who was turned into a vampire and forced to become a lieutenant in the blood kingdom. A member of the Baer family, son of Arnold Baer and brother to Mardrake, and father to Kristin Baer, Bruce met his end after dueling Terrad Draco at the final events of Uwen's uprising.


Bruticus was born during the Highland Spring of 128PD, between his father Arnold Von Transfer and his mother Mytheria Transfer his brother Mardrake was born 5 years later and sadly Mytheria died of frostbite shortly afterwards. Arnold had high hopes for both of his childern, by 18 Bruticus was allready becoming the man his father wanted him to be. He has taught by his father's guard captain how to wield the sword. Bruticus was then called away to the border dispute between the Plainsman and the Shakuma of the Empire of Hahaska: the Strategic allies of the Republic. Bruticus was deployed as a vanguard to princess Acura Sandrule. The second daughter of Mergana Sandrule. Whilst ambushed by Thuggish Orc and Hill Giant raiders on their way to Arcka for Acura's meeting with emperor Maslum III, Bruticus defended the Princess Valiantly. The raiders fleed and Bruticus along with a handful of Highlanders and Shakuma Surivived along with Princess Acura.

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