The Book Series is an Idea which KingKatanova has been trying to think off under writting books of the different events and scenarios of the Kingdoms of Terfall. So far KingKatanova only has some small notes and ideas about it but not very far. really needed good titles

Book IdeasEdit

1st - War of Children (This is the first book idea which follows Kaileth Worthyright and Kithrail as they travel and fight during the War for Katanova )

2nd - Blood Gold (This one follows Maia Darksea and her imprisonment and how she tries to defeat Admiral Lend Seaworthy and find her family's past)

3rd - Unholy Prince (This one follows Andrakeas Katanova and how he was contacted by Jorn Herr, and his understanding of who his father is and his father's past)

4th - Death's Hand (this one follows Mardrake Transfer and his life from coming to kat prime, falling in love with Maria and making a deal with death against Andrew)

5th - Chaos returns (This one follows Kyle Katanova and his pursuit to find his father Kaileth Worthyright and facing his uncle Tirith and Xecien himself)

6th - Rogue Honor (this one follows Sendil Eilliwood and his band of rogues and renegades who save the Empire of Hahaska from collapsing to the Chaos horde)

7th - Tear of an Assassin (this one follows Elaine Darksea after the War for Katanova, and how after falling to lycanthropy she defeats the Moon Followers and their Lycan Armies)

Other ideas have been around but no plans behind them

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