• Immortal Wraith

    This will be a blog made just for bug reports,hero requests and anything related to V2.0 and further Titan Land Kingdom of Terfall Versions developed by The New Creator Team. Hero Requests aren't most likely accepted since we are already short on space until we figure out how to free more space on the map, but go ahead request, i make sure to check them properly and judge are they unique enough to be added to the map, as King i won't accept any hero requests that are like the heroes existing already, since it would be waste of space. Bug Reports are highly-appreciated and valued, so please report any bug you'll notice ingame.

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  • Immortal Wraith

    After Marrow had found Zaga'rath and lived in Terfall for years Thanatos' Spirit was sealed in Zaga'rath so after his death he could manifest a new body and he was slowly taking control of Marrow's Body.

    After The Angel King's Death he was resurrected many years later to walk the earth and hell again so he could find the last of his race.

    After The Great Angel of Light had failed in his mission to stop The Last Hell's Angel from destroying Heaven's Gates he was expelled from heaven and became The Fallen Angel of Heaven and started hunting The Angel King of Hell and The Last Hell's Angel.

    The Angel King of Hell and The Fallen Angel of Heaven later clashed and fought for days with both exhausted and wounded fatally, they both fled from the Batt…

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  • BossSkiller8000

    There were.. alot of things that happened, and thats why, after years, Im going to write about my experience in TL.

    First, I found TL as map and downloaded it to play it with brother in Local games. I really enjoyed it. I didnt play battle net for years, and when I joined back and found TL hosted, I instantly joined the game. My first game was full of massing cus I was afraid people would attack.. but I learned how to roleplay naturally. I was never fan of long-base-building, I liked to see great bases, but my patience was close to none.

    I met GHH in one game. I was Titan (i used to # of a game to enter first and be titan, i was quite good at it). I was really stressed because I knew doing bad as Titan in that game could be my end :D or I th…

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  • SicKMan

    So Me, KingKatanova and other players were playing titan land. We started doing the usuall stuff. 

    When we ended the building, the rp began. And it started up nice. 

    This is what happend(more thing you will see in the Chapter "The Last Hunter" by KingKatanova): After the first Chaos War the Sworn Hunters Brotherhood has fallen. The last Sworn Hunter is Constantine Van Hellsong. He senced the pressenc of hellics in the lands of Terfall, so he ventured in to the lands to tell people of Terfall about the great evil. Meanwhile, The Hellics started there invasion by destroying a rattack village, there next victoms were renegades, It was the first battle for Uthway. After the long battle versus the renegades, the created a base in Uthway and start…

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  • KingKatanova

    Project: Elven Rule

    January 28, 2014 by KingKatanova

    I've been thinking of a new project which would involve Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall where i make a offbranch that for the timelines goes back to the golden age of the Elven Empire and their unmatched power to rule all in their path. This idea could become a reality if i recieve enough approval from the community on it. For here i will discuss this ideas pros and cons

    • More Elfkin Races - With this map i can create and revamp many of the Elfkin races that has been featured in my lore and i can also try to make there units unqiue by using custom skinned models (e.g. the night elf skins reverted to wood elf i did back in KoT beta). This allows the creation of races such as. Gelldir, Viri, Hyedari, Fenari, Depenari and a more unqiue Drakari.
    • Re…

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  • KingKatanova

    These are a phew notes i had written down which was me just dabbeling into the book idea the Unholy Prince (the Story of Andrakeas Katanova after the War for Katanova)


    Within the great world that is known as Terfall, there was and has allways been conflicts, companionship, nations and wars, wars contiune to thrive. Within the ever topaz province of the Jewel Desert lies the scattering of both history and culture. Beneath its crystal-like sands, untold horrors and wonders could be found. But our story is not in the sand, but for the people living on it. Humans, the children of diversity that could adept to any land they pleased made this perhaps unatured beast there master. Whilst indeed forging a uneasy conflict with the desert's tr…

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  • 0TitanWolf0

    Lol, title.

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  • KingKatanova

    Ive opened to say where you can get the new Titan land Kingdoms of Terfall V1.0, here are the links that i know of so far, others will come.

    also make me host, but have to wait to get uploaded

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  • BossSkiller8000

    About my team

    December 19, 2012 by BossSkiller8000

    Jordyverk[fou] which hacked goodtaur first time and was my right hand before, betrayed me. When he saw katanova is in clan he wanted me to remove him and threatened me, but I refused to kick King from clan, because what I want is to unite TL. He then made his own TL DoL (stolen my name) and he wants to release it. I need your support players of KoT, if his map will become popular he will start to ban KoT and he will try to hack you. He is also saying hes hacker and from anonymous but dont trust him this, hes great manipulator so please dont get caught into his illusions. Hes something as unskilled GHH with more emotions (sadly, emotions like anger and etc.). He was making conflicts in my team from very start.

    From this, Coldrefreader is bec…

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  • GHH

    Contact Info

    December 8, 2012 by GHH


    Skype: dbg_Ironside


    Hiveworkshop: Ironside

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  • Prince Shift

    Titan Land History

    December 3, 2012 by Prince Shift

    Im going to write Titan Land history to there, all i know so far, mainly about GHH, King_Katanova, MetalWarrior and newer Titan Lands.

    Firstly, I should mention map God's Land. This map was inspiration for great MetalWarrior, to create Titan Land. These Titan Lands were good, but until this day, they evolved into really better maps with ability for players to customize everything in-game. Map which really had these things first, was Rise of Kingdoms. Im focusing about its history and rise of maps from it there. Titan Land Improved RPE:

    Created by Vhalyr and Clan LD, It rivaled Titan Land New Age. But after some months, Vhalyr left for a long time, and King_Katanova and Daiwan took over the map, and renamed it to Rise of Kingdoms

    Titan Land Ri…

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  • Prince Shift


    November 18, 2012 by Prince Shift

    I think we should give more ideas to Titan Land : Kingdoms of Terfall, leave me messages there if you arent sure if ideas are possible to make or something similar, i can check if they are possible and usefull for you. :)

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  • KingKatanova

    this is to go with my "New Heros for KoT" blog, this one is going thorugh the building and units of the 5 new races.


    (all the buildings of the Pandari are the same as that in the orignal verison of Pandarens in RoK, Minus the Recruit Dojo)


    there is unforunatly only 4 fighter class units in the Pandari race, they are

    Pandari Miltiaman (Orignal of RoK)

    Pandari Brewman (Original of Rok)

    Pandari Swordsman (New for KoT, this is a none armored verison of the Pandari Battlemaster)

    Pandari Wardancer (Same model from oringal RoK, but instead used as the heavy unit), there is no Pandari Sumo (dont have room, and really it dosent suit the pandari's culture) and the kyo Warrior (again, dont have room). Mages there are 4 different ones, the…

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  • KingKatanova

    new heros for KoT

    November 3, 2012 by KingKatanova

    Alright, its taken me a great amount of time to fix all the bugs and glitchs that where present in the beta, and just 3/4 of the way through finishing off the races (Templar and Madness Legion are the last 2)

    So, i opened this to say what heros where going to be added to each race before it goes out.

    Now coming to the end of my long journy to create this, ill put down most of the names of character that have been made anew

    Andrakeas Katanova (Prince of Lunastar)

    Kyle Katanova (Prince of Kat Prime)

    Ewin Worthyright (Hero of Lana Falls)

    Terrajav (Lighting Rider)

    Dalar Silkworm (First Shakuma Mage)



    Rajsheen (last uthwayien chieftain)

    Jerw (Firy Witch Doctor)

    Father Mendlarr (Master of Templars)

    Sir Grimwarn (Templar Paladin lord)

    Rook (Goilath of…

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