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{{Infobox Battle|partof = Eternal Conflict|date = Pre-dated History|place = Titan's Palace, [[Realm of Magic|result = Victory of the Eternal Ones, Xecien captured|combatant1 = Angel
Ent|combatant2 = Hellspawn|commander1 = Celestris
Tewe|commander2 = Xecien|strength1 = Titan's Palace defences
airborne fighters
strong willpower|strength2 = Large in number
trained in war
Hellfire siege weapons|casualties1 = Heavy|casualties2 = Almost all wiped out|image = 300px|caption = |Battle = Battle of Titans}} The Battle of Titans is the last battle of the Eternal Conflict which resulted in the defeat of Xecien and his imprisonment within the Creator Crystal. The Battle took place on the fields facing the Titan's Palace

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