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Barrow Keepers
Drakari Barrow Keeper
Concept of a Barrow Keeper
Vital statistics
Culture Black Covenant
Class Specialist Infantry
Role Guards, Wardens over the Dead
Equipment Drakari Grand Cutlass, Drakari Dagger
Armour Steel, Cloth, Leather
 The Barrow Keepers are a specialist all-female infantry force of the Black Covenant. Tasked with watching over the thousands of dead of Ebon Barrows, they are skilled with both the blade and magic and greatly underestimated by their enemies.

History Edit

The Barrow Keepers where formed during years following the emergence of the Black Covenant on Shen Isles. The Drakari needed to keep the dead safe whilst they made use of their essence for their necromantic rituals, they found that the females of the drakari where the only ones able to calm a spirit if angered, so they drafted a number of female black marauders and formed them into the barrow keepers. They where given tougher armour and larger weapons however at the cost of their shields and helmets.


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