Barrad "The Wicked"
Barrad the Wicked
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Badland
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Date of Birth - Death 57PD
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Aliases The Wicked, the Goblin King
Class Warrior
Nature Chaotic Neutral
Barrad "The Wicked" was a ruthless and mercyless Tryant Goblin who managed to conquere all the Goblin Clans of Badlands and form the Kingdom of Barrad, which he idolised as his own accomplishment and naming himself as its sole leader and monarch. Barrad joined the Revolution of Power during the War for Katanova period for land in the Jewel Desert, but with his defeat during the war Barrad was sentenced to life enprisonment on the Floating Fortress. His alchemy guild's head; Fandass, took over the Kingdom while Barrad remained in prison.