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Concept of Bande
Vital statistics
Status Provincial Capital
Alliases Jewel of Shakara,
Affiliation Viri Kingdom (Formerly), Shakuma Sultanate (Formerly), Hahaskan Empire
Occupants Viri (Formerly), Humans, Orcs, Olohs, Dwarves, Elves
Location Eastern Shakara
 Bande is one of the settlements of Shakara which lies on the coast of the Rajra Sea. It is the current provincial capital of the province and has been since the rise of the denizen Shakuma.


Early PeriodEdit

The Earliest recorded history of Bande was that it was a fishing town of the Viri which exported fishing goods to the Viri Kingdom. It was slow growing and less important in comparsion to the desert elves captail of Stexk, however after the Gelldir subjugated the kingdom into their Elven Empire, more viri were relocated to Bande in order to produce more of the resources the Gelldir required to be shipped throughtout their domain.


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