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Vital statistics
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Affiliation Chaos Horde
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown (Presumed around 4500ER)
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Aliases Balrathia Govven, Agent of Xecien
Class Seducer
Nature Lawful Evil
Bal'goc also known as his mortal name of Balrathia Govven is a Hellspawn Seducer commander who after the lose of the Chaos Horde during the Chaos War was left stranded on Terfall. However cunning he was he took on the appearance of a Mysterious Human Wizard known as Balrathia Govven and travelled the length of the Planet looking for a way to reopen the portals to aftermath once again.


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Balrathia Govven

Appearance of Bal'goc's alternate appearance Balrathia Govven

Bal'goc whilst within his Hellspawn form appears like a male verison of a Seducer, which differs with more masculine physic, larger wings and larger horns on their heads.

Bal'gocs mortal appearance depicts him as a gray haired Human mage addorned in purple embrodded garments, his eyes are deep brown and his physic is scranny. He is crocked and relies on a fake staff as a walking stick.


(To be contiuned




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