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Concept of Badland's Terrain

Badland also reffered to as The Badlands is one of the provinces breaking up Terfall. Lieing on the westest point of the Sisitra contient. Badland is a rugged landscape of hard earth and hard souls. Control over the province is contested by that of the tribal Goblins, the gentle Minotaurs and the stouthearted Dwarves.


Badland's landscape is harsh and bitter, its volcanic nature means many structures have to be built to resist earth tremours which happen frequently. Badland's has little to no water apart from its coastle areas, it houses only one lake which runs into the sea in the far west of the province. Due to this lack of water, many plantlife are unable to grow there without help from sentient mortals. However many fungi and cave plantlife are able to thrive in the deep caves below teh surface.



Badland has made appearances in both Titan Land Rise of Kingdoms and its grandchild Titan Land Kingdoms of Terfall. It appears as the spawning point for the orange player and allways make use of barren trees, orange rocks, rough dirt and volcanos. As of the lastest verisons of TL KoT, Badland has become one of the more interesting places to build apon, its cliffed landscape can produce excellent city desgins and it is the largest spawn area for a single followed closely by light blue and red.


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