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Concept of Backtown
Vital statistics
Status Town, Capital
Alliases -
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars, Kingdom of Renegades
Occupants Humans, Elves, Orcs, Dwarves
Location Western coast of Badland
Backtown is a settlement on the western coast of Badland which has been the centre of piracy until the boon of the Newwyn Archipelago were the seat of power shifted towards Newtown. Backtown's key postion along the badland coast gave it's later pirate inhabitants vital trade routes to plunder through the Kingdom of Stars and the Kingdom of Idara.



Backtown was settled by idaran colonist around 65PD, a phew years after the Idara Conflict was concluded. The idarans came to seek diplomatic relations with the native goblin and minotaur races which lived within the barren lands of Badland. However this diplomancy did not turn out well, goblins consistanly raided and pillaged backtown. The town was later left abandoned and for a 2 years was left in ruins to the goblin raiders until the idarans had opened trade agreements with that of the katanovians, Backtown was made into a trading hub between the cities of Lunastar and Lornvale.

Pirate takeoverEdit

Backtown had seen a phew prosperous years under the econmies of both the Kingdom of Stars and the Kingdom of Idara. However this began to draw the attention of Pirates. More and more of the lawless and deserters began drawing into the town until it's government was overthrown by them. Removing idara control and handing it to the pirate. Which later the town's defences were used against the idarans and Katanovians attempt to retake the town. Backtown still survived and prosperoued now as a town under no banner.