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Concept of Baal'ek as the Vel'enge Lord of Undeath
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Viri Kingdom (Formerly), Vel'enge
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases High Priest of Nexra'bus
Class Sorcerer, Necromancer
Nature Neutral Evil
 Baal'ek was once a prominent Sorcerer and Alchemist during the reign of the Viri Kingdom some millennia before the rise of humanity, he was the adviser to the Viri King for generations and high priest to Nexra'bus, the Viri God of the Afterlife. However Baal'ek with his priesthood created a curse which slowly killed off the kingdom & the viri with it. Having been captured after this act of defiance, Baal'ek and his priests were sentenced to be mummified alive, there remains were then placed within the Temple of Nexra'bus.

The curse would later reanimate Baal'ek and his priesthood following the actions of the a former cult of skulls necromancer. Baal'ek was awakened as a all powerful lich and complete mastery over thoses that died to the curse which he had created. He proclaimed himself Lord over undeath and made it his missions to reclaim what was the Viri Kingdom and remove the former image of the Gelldir, the Avari slaves which now go by many different names but prominantly as humans.

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