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Concept of Axoni
Vital statistics
Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Hahaskan Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Axon
Age 55PD - Present
Aliases N/A
Religion Five Paths, Church of Light
Mount Horse
Leader King of Axon
Intelligence 8
Height 4 - 6 feet
Environment Any
Lifespan 80 years or more
The Axoni is the name given to Humans who orignate their birth to the province of Axon. Although known as being Helliens who emigrated from Scorn. The Axoni name became popular after their claim on independence against the Kingdom of Stars & the Hahaskan Empire, forming the Kingdom of Axon.

History Edit

The Axoni were just an extension of the Hellien people who emigrated from Scorn to Axon around 55PD and had been slowly building up the region ever since. Within a phew years, they formed what would be the region's capital Bronzehold

With the rise of the Hahaskan Empire to the east of Axon

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