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Concept of Axon
Vital statistics
Planet Terfall
Size (-x- Miles) 300 X 200
Aliases Orange lands, Bronze Lands
Racial Home Axoni
Description Dwarf region between Scorn and Eskus, homeland of the Kingdom of Axon
 Axon also known as the orange or bronze lands is a province on Terfall and part of the Sisitra  land mass. Axon is a small province which borders the 3 greater provinces of Eskus to the east, Highpass to the south and Scorn to the west, to its north lies the Uthwayien Channel and Venara Island. Axon is known for its orange and bronze coloured stones and even its amber appearing flora that grows gain, often speculated that this colouration was due to the volcanic pressence in neighbouring Scorn however it is uncertain.

Axon is currently under the dominion of the Kingdom of Axon , whilst originally being part of the Kingdom of Stars and was conquered and taken by many times against and by the Hahaskan Empire, The Blood Kingdom and the Yifford.