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Concept of Atlantis
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Atlantis is a lost Elven city that was plunged into the sea during the darkening.


Atlantis was orginally a great, Elven city that gleemed with wealth and prospertiy. Constructed to show of elven power. Atlantis was centered as one of the main citys of the Elven people. It city was also built with a defense mechinsm. commisoned Dwarven engineers created the mechanism for Atlantis to dive down, deep underwater and settle on the sea bed below. Altantis was rish in both the magical aspect and scientific. Mistress Dari ruled over Atlantis as she was chosen by the other Elven lords to lead the new city. Her advisors, Ashtricks and Jetrick oversaw Atlantis with her. Until the Darkening.


When the Chaos Shard crashed into Mount Foron (Now named Mount Hela) and began the Darkening. A massive, tidal wave had formed and was heading for Atlantis. The only way the city was going to defend itself was to activate the Dive mechanism. Dari Mysticborn agreed with his advisors and began to plumit the city into the sea. Atlantis was saved however, hearing the news of the other Elven lords on land of how the cities had began to fall into chaos and madness. Atlantis remained underwater.


Atlantis remained underwater for the rest of the Darkening. However the citizens began to worry about the outside world. A number of citizens ask to leave the city. By using the Secret passages. however where denied. Ashtricks, questioned his mistresses answer. Took what remained of the citizens who wished to leave and did so, against his Mistress's wishes.


Before Ashtricks could leave Atlantis, the Cities chemcial labs began to leak magical fluids out into the cities main water supply. The result was of the inhabitants to transform into vial sea serpents. now known as "Naga". The ones who where able to escape also changed, however into squid like creatures which gained intelligence and mental powers. now known as "Artrixxerxx" and departed atlantis to the Great Mud Plains where they made a great kingdom their.


  • Atlantis now lies as a ruined Elven city, filled with countless Naga.
  • Atlantis has claimed much treasure from sea vessals which is horded in the main chamber.
  • Atlantis is now searched for by many Human sailors seeking money and wealth, the worse being Admiral Lend Seaworthy.



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