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Aspiral Kings

Concept of the Aspiral King Insigina

Aspiral Kings are Gods who, unlike the Eternal Ones were spawns born from the soul of the Destroyer. These gods are considered far more cruel and evil then that of most other gods and it is mostly their desire to see the Eternal Ones overthrown and replaced by their worship. The Aspirals reign over Desarka within the Realm of Magic.


Apsiral KingsEdit

  • Luko, God of Madness, Laughter & Mutation
  • Lo'slann. God of Desire, Temptation & Indulgence
  • Amarkk, God of Pride, Ambition & Greed
  • Fessire, God of Decay, Stench & Suffering
  • Despyro, God of Shadow, Darkness & Misery
  • Slendoll, God of Dreams, Nightmares & Sorrow
  • Mystara, Goddess of Curses, Secrets & wickedness
  • Far'rince, Goddess of Blood & Fangs
  • Crescent, Goddess of Moonlight


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