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Aspiral Kings

Concept of the Aspiral King Insigina

The Apsiral Kings are a self-absorbed Group Titanborn Gods who seek to control the Titan Universe under their own influences. They dwell within the Infinia region known as Desarka and have been the current aggressors for the Endless War as are put at odds against the Eternal Ones and their support of passive omnipotence.



  • Amarkk - God of Pride, Ambition & War
  • Luko - God of Madness, Joy & Change
  • Lo'slann - God of Desire, Temptation and Lust
  • Far'rince - Goddess of Hunger, Blood & Cruelty
  • Fessire - God of Decay, Stench and Suffering
  • Despyro - Godof Misery, Darkness & Shadows
  • Slendoll - God Fear & Nightmares
  • Mystara - Goddess of Secrets, Lie & Arcane
  • Crescent - Goddess of Werekind, Woe & Moonlight


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