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Concept of Ascalon
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Dawn Republic, Elven Empire (Formerly)
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Date of Birth - Death Unknown
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Aliases Last Son Of Var'fuil,Prince of Var'fuil
Class Cryomancer
Nature True Neutral
Ascalon is a Son of var'fuil, however he is now the last of his species as his home planet; Var'fuil and his people where lost true a mysterious power. He species managed to create a portal strong enough for Ascalon to slip through, where he then arrived on the planet Terfall. Using the powers of his people, he used his magic to make a reflection of the local populas, becoming a Shenari and hiding within the Dawn Republic.


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Concept Of Ascalon in his Elven Form

Sons Of Var'fuil is truelly fully unkown to races of terfall because sons of var'fuil had their own planet where they lived an civilized and peaceful live without crimes. but the race couldn't survive unkown powers that made sons of var'fuil almost face extinction. the high council of var'fuil chose one son of var'fuil to escape the extinction by opening a portal to other world, they chose noble prince Ascalon. the portal opened in terfall at uthway, because sons of var'fuil were living in a snowy planet that was so cold that normal terfall race woudln't survive the cold.


Ascalon is mostly a kind person and doesn't often have fights with other people but sometimes he can get enraged and be very dangerous even around him.


He looks like an Frozen demon with Long tail with couple of spikes in it , Wings , Big Horns and Long Claws


He uses an frosty armor and a ice spear when he is in his real form but when he is in his elven form he has an robe with an hood and metal gloves and boots and an sword on his belt.


  • Ascalon was created by Winterhazzard
  • Originally it was designed that the Sons Of Var'fuil lived on Terfall with then Fenari, but KingKatanova rejected it and designed that they where a race from another planet.
  • Ascalon's Story the escaping is same like Superman only 1 of the race survives even in superman more than 1 survived even i wanted corrupted son of var'fuil.
  • Ascalon's home planet name is Var'fuil like the race name is Sons Of Var'fuil.


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