KoT Character
Arnold Von Transfer
Arnold Von Transfer
Vital statistics
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Nature Lawful Neutral
Arnold Torick was a Field General within the Lanastar Army. He went with his King Lysander Katanova and settled the dispute with the empire of hahaska. when he was asked to govern the town of norden he took the name of "Arnold Von Transfer". He governed over Norden alongwith his wife Mytheria Transfer, Who sadly perished to frostbite after her last son was born. Arnold was the father of Bruticus and Mardrake Transfer, of which Bruticus was named his heir. Arnold would remain in power even through the Vampire war, where he lost his son and so sent his granddaughter; Katarine Transfer to be with her unclue. After the Vampire War and the time before the Age of Skulls it is unclear what became of Arnold. But all records point to that he just simply dissapeared. The Nordens where left without a baron until his granddaughter, who had then became a reaperling took up his position and contiuened to safeguard the welfare of norden.<null></null>

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