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Arnasteen Centric
Arnasteen Centric
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Class Intelligence
Nature Lawful Evil
Arnasteen Centric is the head of the Moon Followers, the regligous order which worships the Moon as a god. And with their highly inteligent minds, modificed the Elven curse Lycanthrope into a weapon which they could wield. Arnasteen is the Grand Moon Priest, aswell as a tactial general for the lycan armies.



Arnasteen Centric was born on June 28th 168 post-darkening in the cavern isles's human town Reachwood on the north of the Cavern Isles, between Galen and Breechwind. Even from a young age, his parent Qwen and Yern Centric saw that Arna (Shorten Arnasteen) had some natural abilty to manipulate objects for his amusement. His parents wanted to send a Magic Official: a Lunien who is able to dectact the magical potential of a person. however the message was unoted for several years. until one day, 9 years letter a stranger dressed in brown, rugged robes came to Reachwood Tavern. There he asked for the Centric's, he was directed to their home on the cliff edge of Breechwind, their the man said he was a Magic Official who came to see Arnasteen Centric, he also noted that the Centric's letter was lost on the way to Lunastar. The Centric's acknowledged this and gracefully showed the man to Arnasteen. Arnasteen, who was 10 at the time and of which he had been punished by his parents for using his ability for harming another child, again. Arnasteen showed the man his ability by setting his desk on fire, then doused it with water he made appear infront of him. Arnasteen then said "sometimes, when im not think, i hurt people, sometimes even my friends i hurt, but i enjoy it?". The rugged man later said "I know of a place where your ability can become your greatess ally. I place where your anger towards other can be better used for the sack of others." The man told Arna that he was destined for great things, and that he should pack up his things and prepair for a journey. The man went to Arna's parents and said "your son has great potential for magic, and that i will be coming later tonight to prepare him for the academy". The man then guickly left Breechwind and headed north. Other Breechwind folk had caught on that the cloaked man was in fact a moon follower, on of the disgraced priests who have a unmarked sancutary in the cavern isles. Arna's Parent, caught on about this and so locked away their child so that he could not becume of those dark mages. Arnasteen began growing