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Archmage of Lunastar

Concept of Thenn, first Archmage of Luna

The Archmage of Luna is a title given to the headmaster of Luna's Academy of Magic. This title is offered to those who have mastered magic to such a degree that can also bestow their gifts and talents into the tutoring of others.

This title is often misconceived as the ruler of Lunastar and indeed the province of Jaqua under the Katanovian rule, due to the title being handed down to the Katanova family, the royal family of the kingdom. This is a false claim on the title which original belonged to the Lord of Jaqua which merged into the one title when Maria Katanova, acting Lord of Jaqua became the archmage after the previous Archmage Uwen was made to step down.


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List of Archmages of Luna

  • Thenn
  • Gill Melagon
  • Larnado Lightheart
  • Uwen Lichen
  • Maria Katanova
  • Andrakeas Katanova