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Archimada Yernist
Archimada Yernist
Archimada Yernist as a Rogue
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars (Formerly), Renegades
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Date of Birth - Death 147PD
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Aliases Academy of Magic Student, Renegade Magacian
Class Sorcerer, Rogue
Nature Chaotic Good (Formerly Lawful Good)
Archimada Yernist was originally an aspiring pupil of magic, but when his class experimented with some kind of unknown object they had uncovered from Scorn and it backfired, and the resulting blast only damaged Archimada. His very nature changed. He could not see right from wrong. And often caused him to warn his fellow students when he tried not to. For the reputation of the Academy and for Archimada's saftyhewas confined to imprisonment on the Floating Fortress until the academy could restore Archimada's original self. But he grew more and more dark with every waking moment being trapped on the Fortress. When the priates began a breakout of Maia Darksea they also freed Archimada. Feeling like he was forgotten, Archimada came to Pirate Haven and has remained there since.