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Archari Pinehollow
Concept of Archari as the Queen of the Rose
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Thorns, Elven Empire (Formerly), Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 9356ER
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Aliases Head Ranger of Tewe Forest, Queen of the Rose
Class Nightshade Ranger
Nature Neutral Good
Archari is the current Queen of the Rose of the Briari's Kingdom of Thorns, raised and trained as a Nightshade Ranger, Archari was hand picked by the King of Thorns Ginnirel to marry his eldest son Gellidin, to which the two paired well in the centuries of their wedding, bearing 3 offspring, When Ginnirel was killed under mysterious circumstances regarding the Avari's expansion into the Briari's realm, Gellidin became the newly crowned King of Thorns with Archari as his Queen of the Rose.

With Gellidin instructing the conflict against the Avari's conquering of once Briari territory, now under the name of Lana Falls. Archari orchestrated the spy network of Rangers and Assassins.