Arcane Circle

Arcane is a Magical Energy found throughout the Titan Galaxy, it is a very powerful magic that consists of item enchantment, manipulated of the world and punishment. Arcane is an usually energy because it is not defined by a god or Eternal One. Arcane is freelance magic that is possibly even older then the gods and possible a message from the Creator. although some have suggested that Arcane was affiniated with Order and therefore the energy of Xecien. But that theory has not been proven because after Xecien was corrupted, creating Chaos Energy , Arcane still exists.


Arcane is used as a tool by many Mages across the Titan Galaxy because it is one of the most easiest forms of magic to learn as Arcane has several levels to it. The common name of an Arcane user is a Sorcerer or Arcanist.


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