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Angelica Tansis
Angelica Tansis
Concept of Angelica Tansis
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Idara
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Date of Birth - Death 1174PD
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Aliases Princess of Idara, Iron Princess, Queen of Idara, Iron Queen
Class Geomancer
Nature Lawful Neutral
Angelica Tansis is a Idaran Geomancer who became Queen of Idara after the events of the Chaos War.

A member of the Tansis Family, only daughter of Regard Tansis. Angelica was the person who formed the Iron Golems to defend her homeland from the corruption of the Chaos Horde across her kingdom, Gaining the name "The Iron Princess".

Biography Edit

Angelica inherited the throne from a young age however the extended Tansis family agreed that she was to young to lead the kingdom, whilst she studied as a mage under the School of the Gifted. Her uncle Martin Tansis ruled, however knowing he would one day lose the crown to Angelica.

References Edit

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