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Andrakeas Katanova
Mage Prince
Concept of Andrakeas Katanova as the Archmage of Lunastar
Vital statistics
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Affiliation Kingdom of Stars
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Date of Birth - Death 164PD
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Aliases Prince of Lunastar, Archmage of Lunastar, Death Prince
Class Combat Mage
Nature Neutral Good
 Andrakeas Katanova is a Lunien Combat Mage who became Archmage of Lunastar after the events of the Chaos War.

 A member of the Katanova Family, son of Maria Katanova. Andrakeas studied under the tutorship of his mother to become a great mage, however the mystery behind his father's identity was not revealed to him until the events of Uwen's Revenge, to which Andrakeas played a key role.


Andrakeas Katanova was born on 168PD during the Age of Skulls. He was born throught the imprednation of Mardrake Transfer and Maria Katanova during the Luna Festival 9 months beforehand. Maria sheltered Andrakeas in Lunastar for the next 4 years due to her father and his grandfather; Andrew Katanova would likely have the child executed due to his Father, After 4 years of war, Andrakeas came with Maria to witness the defeat Mardrake Transfer. Andrakeas, 4 years old watch the duel between Maria Katanova and the dark figure Mardrake Transfer. Mardrake peered up and saw Andrakeas, he then smiled, releasing his grip and allowing Sendil Eilliwood to deliver the final blow. Maria returned to Andrakeas, clutching him tightly around her arms and crying over him.

Post Age of Skulls - Pre War for KatanovaEdit

Andrakeas Remained with Maria within Lunastar after the Age of Skulls, he was not judged by his Grandfather.  Andrakeas 

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