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Vital statistics
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Affiliation Eternal Prayer, Element Worship
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Date of Birth - Death 60,000,000ER
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Aliases Eternal One of Elements
Class God
Nature True Neutral

Anarok is the Eternal One of Elements and protection. Tasked with the guardianship of the 9 Elements across the Mortal Realm. He is both powerful and yet week when it comes to his siblings. he is alone the only eternal one to combat the Gods joined with the Elements and is aided his Demonkin the Elementals.

History Edit


Anarok along with his 4 siblings Celestris, Theda, Xecien and Tewe came into being within the Realm of Magic of the Titan Universe when The Creator broke up his own being. Finally killing himself in the creation of the Mortal Realm. Anarok choice to Element Energy as his magic and joined his blood to it. When Tewe used the Web of Life to create the Planet:planets within the Mortal Realm, Anarok used his power to create the Oceans, the Mountains, the Molten cores and the

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